Wednesday, November 21, 2018


What we're learning:


As teachers, one of our primary goals is to get our students to think deeply. Our teachers have been exploring how to facilitate deep thinking by asking open-ended discussion questions and using a range of "thinking routines." 

Things for teachers to think about:

- What kinds of questions do you ask? Are you asking open-ended questions that encourage students to think deeply and independently?
- Are you giving students time to think before calling on them?
- Are you encouraging basketball-style interactions between members of the group -- in other words, interactions where students speak to each other and not just to the teacher? (Try to speak less and listen more)
- Are you listening carefully to students and then probing them to think more deeply by asking follow up questions such as "What makes you say that?" or "What do the rest of you think?"

Each student in the course needs to design and facilitate either a discussion or an activity with the rest of the class. And we've had some wonderful lessons so far using a diverse range of thinking routines: Socratic seminars, 3-2-1 activities, Think-Puzzle-Explore, and See-Think-Wonder among others.
Bridge students 2018-2019

Bridge students at work, along with instructors Rekha & Maya

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